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My history


My history in drawing and painting

In elementary school I was artistically the absolute zero. I had bad marks in "drawing" and just to avoid not to pass the class, my mother did my drawing homework.

In the secondary school it was a little better, well at least I managed little better mark. Somehow I can not even remember to have really learned how to draw and paint, nothing was told. The teacher said: "Draw this and that" and that was then evaluated. Since I did not put attention to detail, but rather roughly painted straight on. the Teachers were not very fond of it.

Handicrafts and later works, I always liked very much, mostly I had a good mark, we also had materials science, metal work printed images, nail images, linocut, soapstone (see my elephant soapstone) and many other works. That gave me a lot of fun.

1988 was a hard time for me and during a logner stay in hostpital the aegle in soapstone arose.

In the 90's was a guide of the "Nuremberg oldcity friends", where I participated. Theme was the historical Tiergärtnertorturm in which the artist clause of Nuremberg has its domicile. The artists showed us theire pictures here also. The pastels of Heinz Rüll I liked particularly well. Mr. Rüll noticed my interest and was talking to me. I called spontaneously: "I wish I could draw so beautiful." He said I should just try. I tried. I bought and borrowed books and began: squiggles and circles and cones and .... And when I didn't magage a cycle, I stopped again. Then I did every now and again - I can not circle today.

IIn May 2008, I suddenly had a great wish to try to draw again. I pulled out my drawing supplies, I bought a few books, did not start with the circles ;-). I auctioned a brand new box of 72 pastels of Jaxell for 30, - EURO (+ 7 EUR shipping) on ebay. This box normally costs about 70, - EURO in normal trading. And then I afforded myself a table easel for 26,95. finds the info about the recent history of her top. In 2010 a frend of my handworks circle gave me a wonderful gift: a wodden box with 100 crayons from Faber Castell, the very best crayons in the world and normally costs a lot of money. I was very happy about this.

Now with all this equipment I try to learn to draw and paint and have started a sketch book for myself in which I daily make exercises.

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